The Civitas Universe RPG & MiSIM GM Emulator

The GM Emulator system is currently in very early stages of production but you are very welcome to give it a try…

The Civitas Universe RPG.

The Civitas Universe RPG is the final game in the storytelling series, where the fate of the fable now rests fully in the hands of the player and/or your gaming group!

To accompany the RPG I am also developing the “mythic inspired simulating intelligence matrix“:  a GM Emulator that will aide a present GM or take over completely if one isn’t present.

The Mythic GM Emulator has been a really great tool for Solo RPG’ing and game nights where, as a GM, I have had issues with time and prep…

The MiSIM GM Emulator ©The Civitas Universe

This is a prototype GM Emulator that isn’t too far from the Mythic one. I am currently testing it on the following systems and will be introducing it to other players of each system for them to try for themselves – with the promise that I can get some feedback…

DOWNLOAD GM Emulator v0.1

I’d love to know what you think!  Plus, if this doesn’t make any sense to you whatsoever please let me know and I will answer any of your questions!

The GM Emulator I will build, and pack in with this final game, will be able to be used with any TableTop RPG, from 5e to Tales from the Loop!

Using the baseline of the highly effective Mythic engine, this new GM Emulator titled “MiSIM GM Emulator” will be a set engine of roll tables that will not only work with The Civitas Universe RPG but also with every single tabletop RPG ever created.  This published tool will be a handy addition for GMs to use on the fly, but will also have the power of creating strong storylines, encounters, threads and scenes vital for solo RPG’ing and gaming groups without a GM. Players will be able to tailor their experiences by selecting which MiSIM “Arkon” they wish to use that will alter the odds and the chaos factor, making each and every venture out into the Cyberpunk dystopias of The Civitas Universe, or any other RPG world, a dynamic and different experience every time you play.

Enjoy and please send me your feedback!