Civitas Nihilium Play-Alongside Soundtrack – Exclusive download for backers only

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These cassettes were given to a select few of the backers after our Kickstarter campaign.

“I now know where destructiveness comes from.” I wanted to write an atmospheric-melodic-hybrid that really grew out of the dystopian. Overall it has taken me nearly a year to generate/capture the samples and transfer the 8-bit chiptunes from the Commodore Amiga over to a modern-day system. The arrangement is a story that takes place as you the listener move between dimensions from this normal world and into The Civitas Universe. As you land in Nihilium you are greeted by the teal glow of the cyberpunk cityscape, the underworld, and its utopian mask. I used the official Civitas Nihilium map as a guide for the soundscaping, moving step by step into each section, sometimes flying between the neon-lit structures and other times on foot at the rainy street level. You will meet the leader of the Transhumanist Movement Party: FM-2030, hear the launch of the Civitas Idea as well as many other embedded mini-stories that aim to bring “background” to this ever-expanding universe. – James Bradley