FAQs – Civitas Nihilium

This page is dedicated to getting into some of the frequently asked questions surrounding aspects of the game, we hope you can find what you are looking for. If not try digging into our Rules 2.0, checking out our videos, asking the community via our Discord channel, or alternatively dropping us a line via email.

I have rolled a number not featured on the trial, what happens now?

dead rolls

There are matching results on a card trial, which bonuses or negative effects do I use?


What are the rules for unlocking slots?

Draw the top card and place it face up into the newly unlocked location pool slot. Any slots unlocked throughout the game stay unlocked for all 3 crimes….Or until it’s ‘game over man’

Bringing extra Rookies into the Investigation

For trials that require the Detective & Rookie to roll, roll for all 3 characters. Remembering to apply the new Rookie’s stats to the roll.  ROOKIE TIP Spend the new Rookie’s resource when you have the opportunity, as this second rookie is only in play for the crime they were brought in for. 

Final Encounter Cards

The rolls on FECs are ‘not’ classed as trial rolls, so any character’s special abilities can not be applied to FEC rolls. 

Purchasing Upgrades

When purchasing upgrades and equipping to characters: Refill the empty upgrade slot(s). The replenished upgrades may only be purchased during the next upgrade phase (or when you visit a black market). You may activate and play upgrades at any time.

Who rolls when?

For cards that do not state which character shall roll. ALL characters shall roll for the trial.

Virus Encounters that affect Rookie’s

Choose which rookie will, unfortunately, get hacked by the virus if more than 2 Rookies are in your team. 

When do I add an upgrade effect?

Use ‘stat-boosting’ upgrades post rolling to boost that character’s stats. These can be stacked if you have the Ion. 

What happens to the victims? Are they discarded after I’ve attempted the trial?
Yes, they’re dead. 🙂
Do I have to pass the location entry requirement first or AFTER I’ve done the victim trial?
Yes you do, you must be able to travel there by meeting the Ion requirement, with a rule like this it is always best to follow the most logical and, something I call the story-sense approach. 
Do encounters go in a discard pile or straight to bottom of the deck?
Encounters get discarded if they say discard this card at the bottom. If they don’t, you place them to the bottom of the encounter deck.
If my rookie dies can I get him to absorb the other negatives first or are the penalties for failing a trial applied in a certain order? (I.e. left to right on the row)
Yes, you can lay all of the negative effects onto the Rookie from one trial, even if they die. Again it’s the story-sense – they made a mistake and it cost them their life and their reputation, or you frame it all on the dead guy 🙂


Tabletopia Tips: To check for certain cards in the respective decks quickly, put the cards into your hand. (20 works well) Find the required card and then flip a single card and place that flipped card back onto the play area. Select all cards in your hand and dump back onto the face-down card to create a deck. Double click the deck to move the entire deck