Extended Lore & Player Development

As we receive more and more player reports from your experiences within the universe we will be expanding the extended lore documentation that supports the Civitas Universe.


The first of these will be a published booklet titled: “The Civitas Nihilium: Case Files”.

This booklet will be included with every physical copy of The Mysteries of Profundum, and it will also feature as a downloadable PDF for all backers of any size, to get via this page…

When you play CN you are generating a completely unique story. The people you meet, the places you go, the encounters you face, all of this is designed to generate a “Theatre of the mind” experience for the player. When you play the game, take notes, and then try to flesh out certain aspects of what happened.

Even if the game was a total disaster, we want to know about it!

Did you experience a fascinating twist, or uncover a sacred truth too unique and bizarre to ignore while engaging within the dark dystopian the streets of CN?

Before you begin to record your case file(s), it is recommended that you begin with the extended lore, so that you build a deeper picture of the overarching story and gain a greater understanding of the world. Click the image below to download the latest version of the Extended Lore document ‘The World of the Civitas‘. Featuring a timeline to the Civitas Idea and an extensive look into the many factions at play within The Civitas Universe.


Submit your stories here before January 10th, and if suitably aligned with the cannon they will be published into the case files…