Civitas Nihilium – Game 1 of ‘The Civitas Universe’


Listen to a brief demo of the Original 1 Hour Long: Playalongside Soundtrack

Civitas Nihilium OST Taster

“A veteran detective takes their rookie partner out for one last time. A crime-riddled city packed with drug users, cults, hackers, upgrade junkies and bizzarre multi-dimensional mystery…”

techsmallA Deck-Building, Dice Rolling, Solo Player, Tabletop Game, Set Within a Cyberpunk Universe

Civitas Nihilium is a future city, cyberpunk, deck building, dice rolling, solo-player tabletop game, that comes with its own unique pixel art and immersive soundtrack – set within The Civitas Universe.

You play a veteran detective working the dangerous streets of Civitas Nihilium, taking with you your choice of rookie and a ton of cybernetic upgrades. This cyberpunk universe is powered by Ion; the city and all of the advanced technologies within gleam of it. From the GleeHead gangs that use the illegal personalised diffusion techniques to get whacked-out, to the cultists of the underground elite who use the power to contact their god trapped between their dimension and ours. 

As a detective, you are operating within a corporate justice system that plays down criminal activity. You find yourself torn between your love for Civitas Nihilium and the bureaucracy of a greedy corporate government.

If you wish to learn more about the Civitas Universe please take a moment to read our Extended Lore – The World of the Civitas.

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Civitas Nihilium is currently now well within its manufacturing process with progress going well. The first shipments to backers are expected towards the end of September.

You can follow the most up to date status via The Civitas Universe Instagram and Facebook pages.

We hope you enjoy the ride…

Best wishes,

James Bradley