The Mysteries of Profundum
Demos were sent to selected backers of the Civitas Nihilium Kickstarter.

A text adventure for Windows and Virtual Machine* that happens shortly after the events featured in our first game Civitas Nihilium.

Demo disks were sent out to 10 backers from our Civitas Nihilium Kickstarter. The challenge was set to find the hidden puzzle within the demo, solve it and this would release the full game The Mysteries of Profundum to all backers (small or large) of our next Kickstarter – the 2nd tabletop game titled: Civitas 2230.


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* To find out how you can run The Mysteries of Profundum on a Mac simply Google search Virtual Machine and use a free program similar to the likes of Virtual Box to run a virtual Windows 10 Enviroment on IOS.