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Watch this video to understand the plans for the game series and how you could be heavily involved in the continued evolution of The Civitas Universe!


  1. Civitas Nihilium – A solo player card game — Successfully funded
  2. The Mysteries of Profundum –  Text adventure for the PC — Released January 2021
  3. Civitas 2230 – A multiplayer city builder table-top — In production
  4. The MiSIM Arkon Oracle – GM Emulator for all tabletop RPGs — In production
  5. The Civitas Universe RPG – An in-depth RPG with an open sandbox IP — In production
The goal of The Civitas Universe Collection of Games is to create several interactive experiences that run on a connected linear storyline. Where the actions, successes and loss throughout all of the games shape the world the player creates within their own sandbox, using the system within the final game in the series The Civitas Universe RPG.

We only sell our games during our Kickstarter campaigns…

Each game is a Kickstarter exclusive where copies of previous games are made available in the proceeding campaign. Want a copy of Civitas Nihilium? Well, make sure that you pledge during our next campaign to get yourself one.
Why do we do this?
The answer is simple, we want to build a strong community of players who wrap themselves around the universe in a way that makes them feel unique and connected to it. I’m not making games to make money, I am building experiences that I hope will enrich peoples lives. Giving them an opportunity to meet and make lifelong friends, where they can have a hand at crafting elements of it themselves and share in that joy with others around the world inside a uniquely exclusive, extremely friendly, incredibly creative and welcoming tribe.
The first game starts at a particular point and the last game begins years after it. Each game experience aims to leave a lasting change within the world based on the player’s ideas and actions. These changes can be taken from game to game building a unique timeline, and a unique universe for the player. A world that has been built primarily by their actions across several game-playing experiences – involving the computer and most importantly the tabletop!
Each title will be released with its own hour-long unique cyberpunk inspired soundtrack, featuring voice acting and a whole host of other goodies/feelies.
Join us as we explore the pixel art aesthetic with story-based experiences that merge tabletop gameplay with the digital, and a strong emphasis in audio immersion.
We are a homage to the glory days of computer and video games with our mission to release gaming-based content that merges original storytelling and an immersive multimedia experience like no other. Starting at the tabletop!
With the first game, Civitas Nihilium already released, and several other games in the pipeline, The Civitas Universe promises to be an expansive experience that is as collaborative as it is original, with a strong emphasis on being collectable and rewarding at every level.
I hope that by the end of this journey you will have in your game library a collection of games that you treasure, and every time you look at them or play them you feel a sense of warmth, but above all else an essence of pride in knowing that as a contributor you help to create and cultivate the existence of The Civitas Universe.


Civitas Nihilium is an official crime-free utopia. The city boasts witness protection and an advanced police force that has access to the latest and greatest of transhuman upgrades.
Called the impossible job due to the pressures raining down from the patriarch of the marketplace idea itself, being a detective in a city with “no-crime” is a very difficult job. For many years you have come across roadblock after roadblock as you tried to bring the secret criminals of your beloved Civitas to justice. Sensitive pressures, cause for an almost Civitas wide blackout on the investigations you lead.
You are potentially one of the last few torchbearers of justice and law in Nihilium and these last few days of your career will be vital in how you leave your mark with those taking over after you.
Now is the moment to leave behind your legacy.

The Mysteries of Profundum…

A new president reigns under the control of an ultimate puppet master.
Take control of a new cult member as they get given the task to scout and investigate the strange happenings plaguing Civitas Nihilium. With several endings, a unique combat and social engagement system this is a true hat tip to the retro genre and a fitting inactive fiction adventure for the 23rd Century!