A card game like nothing before

“A veteran detective takes their rookie partner out for one last time. A crime-riddled city packed with drug users, cults, hackers & upgrade junkies…”

techsmallA Deck Building, Dice Rolling, Solo Player Physical Card Game, Set Deep Within a Cyberpunk Universe

Civitas Nihilium is a future city, cyberpunk, deck building, dice rolling, solo-player physical card game that comes with its own unique pixel art and immersive soundtrack. You play a veteran detective working the dangerous streets of Civitas Nihilium, taking with you your choice of rookie and a ton of cybernetic upgrades. This cyberpunk universe is powered by Ion; the city and all of the advanced technology gleams of it. From the poor GleeHead gangs that use the illegal personalised diffusion techniques to get whacked-out, to the hackers of the underground elite who use the bypassed power to bring down corporations gone rogue. Civitas Nihilium is currently in development, with advanced play testings starting soon and eventually leading up to a @Kickstarter campaign that aims to give anyone interested in this exciting and immersive sub-genre a chance to get hold of the full game-pack for themselves. 

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James Bradley