Escape from CN

Story. You (Prisoner D246687X) have just been busted out of Nihiliums lockup by detective ‘Jose The Rucker’. You don’t know who you are or why this is happening to you.

With your head pounding from the demolition blast earlier you struggle to hear the detective’s last words before his final stand against the perusing security drones…..

“Get your ass to Sector 1…… find…..Brotherhood…. and get this fucking disk out of CN…tonight!………” 

….. As he mouths his last word you see his head implode from the security drones quantum beam, his bodily fluids painting the cold steel walkways of lockup Nihiliums outer perimeter. 

He bought you time, time to Escape CN.

Breakdown. Using the large fold-out Map as the game mat set up the sectors as per instructions (please see the image above). You play as the Encounter Card character, Prisoner D246687X, with the sole objective of Escaping CN. You work your way through Sector 7 to Sector 1 before the Secret Police catch up to you and retrieve the mysterious disk. Pick 1 Main Character and 1 Rookie from the predefined pool of characters. Reach Sector 1, meet the Brotherhood, jump in the cab. Get out of town.

At each Sector Stage, the MC and Rookie will have to pass each trial in that respective sector to reach the final encounter (You!) They catch you, it’s game over. Each sector will have 1 First Responder, 1 Location and 1 Encounter.

Sector Leaders from sectors 1, 3, 5 & 7 will ensure assistance by equipping you with upgrades to defend against the secret police’s advance. The Main Character and Rookie can only take you on if they have a combined Reputation of 18. Fail this and Witnesses / Locations have to be played until the Reputation qualifier is met.

Like the sound of this, work in progress, game-mod for Civitas Nihilium? Then drop its creator @Rairch#1559 in the Discord to discuss possible avenues for fleshing it out!