Follow the bunny?

Locate the Surtsey trialists, I’m their leader. They will help you find what you’re looking for…” — Adriana the Archivist, Talon Corp, CN

All you need, a gameplan. A dark night on a hill in the middle of nowhere. And a dude with a big freakin knife!” — José “The Rucker”, Mercenary of the Old World 

“Ettore taught me one thing. Don’t miss with Ion Accelerated Matter, ever.” — Garr “The Seeker” Ford

the guide that will appear here on the launch day will be written in code. unlock the code to find the key, the password will open the link to a doorway, and this will be the starting mechanism that will help send all of the trialists home.

rblz wu wqh pxnh ifeyrc kfd tyse.

stay safe,


here’s the link

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